Effect of Kate Middleton: things that the Duchess brought into fashion

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, has repeatedly been recognized as a standard of taste and style. Things and brands, once honored the attention of the wife of Prince William, immediately become megapopular.

Frankly, everything that our hero touches, immediately turns into a trend. We look at how in recent years, Catherine has influenced our way of life.

Lively family photos

Family portrait
Family portrait

The first photos of Prince George, sweet pictures of Princess Charlotte, family portraits in motion and without strained smiles, and even with the dog in the foreground – that’s what played an important role in the popularization of the royal family.

Family portrait
Family portrait

The tendency to lively pictures was set by the Duchess of Cambridge. She did not want prudish family photos, as from the archives of the royal library. Other members of the monarch’s family followed it. Look at the Christmas card of Prince Charles, where he and his wife Camilla are more like ordinary residents of the surroundings of London than members of the royal dynasty. In the British press, even the term “casual photo” appeared, which now also denotes such photographs without an air of ​​officiality.

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles
Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles


Reasonable budget management – that’s what for the British taxpayers can especially love the duchess, whose money maintain the monarchy. In addition to budget clothing for themselves, Catherine prefers to choose inexpensive brands for her children. So, for example, that pretty dress in the flower, in which the tiny Charlotte posed on her first photo shoot, was not bought in a luxury boutique. The dress was made by the Spanish brand M&H and cost only 21 pounds.

Just the other day the British media in general accused the duchess of excessive frugality. As it became known, the kindergarten in which Prince George goes, although it is one of the best children’s institutions in the United Kingdom, is by no means the most expensive. Day in the garden cost 33 pounds, which by the standards of representatives of the British media is not enough for the royal family.

Meanwhile, the British themselves appreciated this step and did not see anything reprehensible either in the choice of the institution or its price policy. Moreover, the effect of Kate Middleton did its job, according to the same British media, not only added advantages to the monarch person, but also set an example for other parents of the kingdom: expensive does not mean good.


For a long time on the carpets celebrities ware dresses only of premium lines Topshop and H&M, but here we can talk about a certain commercialization of their appearances. Another thing is when a person from the royal family chooses dresses Asos and Reiss. And wears them, by the way, not only for walks with children, but also for official events.

Not that before the appearance of Catherine in a jacket from Zara, the brand had a lack of buyers, but her outfit with a dark blue jacket enormously increased demand for it. Yes, it is not necessary to say that the Duchess of Cambridge made a revolution in fashion, but there is a certain effect from her outfits in popular brands among ordinary people. With such a simple gesture, Catherine shows her closeness to the people, a lack of prejudice and a wonderful taste. In addition, it turned out that dressing as well as a princess is not difficult. If you dream of repeating one of its outfits, take the following images for a note. Believe me, you can afford it.


Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton

At one time Kate Middleton’s nose was an extremely popular trend in plastic surgery. According to British media, the demands for English duchess’ nose increased in 2011, immediately after the wedding with Prince William. “She has a straight nose with a pretty rounded tip, perfectly proportioned to her face,” explains the plastic surgeon Maurizio Persico, who sees nothing surprising in such inquiries of clients of plastic surgery centers.

Another object of envy is the hair of the duchess. Over her magnificent head of hair works a big team of professionals, headed by the beloved stylist of the Duchess Amanda Cook Tucker. Thanks to the her, Catherine regularly wins the title of the owner of the best hair setting. In favor of the stylist, says the fact that Middleton takes her with her on an international tour.

Another trend that the Duchess introduced is difficult to call unambiguous, but it definitely won the hearts of her fans. Thoroughly drawn by black color the contour of her eye at the same time became the card of Catherine and the subject of heated discussion of the public. Some people consider this as bad taste and advise the duchess to change habits, while others, on the contrary, saw a new trend in this and rush to bring it into their lives as soon as possible.


Jewels of the Duchess – this is a separate topic for conversation. Everything, whatever Catherine would be wearing, ends up in boutiques without delay. And this despite the fact that it’s not about budget gowns, but about jewelry.

Do you remember her engagement ring with a sapphire worn by Princess Diana? Oh, once she appeared with it in public, in jewelry stores sapphires began to be sold like hotcakes. The brides immediately wanted to get something from their beloved ones. It seems, since then, so many copies of this famous ornament (with natural stones or glass) were made, that they could have paved Trafalgar Square.


Interestingly, in the store Historic Royal Palaces gift shop, which with the highest permission is engaged in selling replicas of royal jewelry, this ring cannot be found. They say that Catherine herself banned its sale, since for her this is very personal, and she did not want the counterfeits of her ring to flood the streets of London. And this, we understand, would have happened overnight.

Favorite brand Catherine at all should pay her dividends from sales. Kiki McDonough 18k gold earrings decorated with nearly 6-karat oval green amethysts, surrounded by small diamonds that Prince William gave her for Christmas, became the main hit of the brand’s sales. In some shops of the brand there are even separate showcases on which “royal” decorations are presented. As the saying goes, the Duchess of Cambridge recommends.

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