Explanation of the First Traffic Accident in History

Although we have been sitting on the steering wheels of automobiles for many years, traffic accidents have become a part of everyday life. When and why did the first traffic accident occur?

Mankind is using cars to go from one point to another by moving over the wheel for over 150 years. In the decades since the production of the first car, humanity has experienced a great deal about automobiles. Despite this, thousands of car accidents continue to happen every day, and dozens of people are losing their lives.

Do you know how the first car accident happened? When you search for ‘first car accident’ on the internet, you will encounter many different results. The rumors of the first car accident go from 1834 to 1899. Let’s consider the first car sabotage of John Scott Russell in 1894, as December is so wide.

As you can imagine, cars in the early 19th century were not much related to today’s internal combustion or electric cars. Karl Benz occupied steam-powered vehicles for decades before introducing his first car. We can say that these vehicles are the pioneers of today’s cars.

In the first car accident known, a steam car from John Scott Russell blew up. Four people lost their lives during the incident and Russell had to close his business. But according to the rumors, this was a sabotage of the anti-automakers. When the demand for self-propelled four-wheelers disturbs these activists, they have planned such a sabotage to undermine Russell’s business. But as we mentioned above, these are rumors.

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