Final photos of “Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2018”

The  2018 “Astronomy Photographer of the Year” contest organized by the Greenwich Observatory was held. 10 photo from the 4,200 contestants were final.

(James Stone)

The Milky Way by James Stone, rising on a sea lantern in Tasmania.

(Jingpeng Liu)

A man in front of the Milky Way in Badlands National Park (Jingpeng Liu)

(Mark Gee)

 Milky Way on the Cable Bay (Mark Gee)

(Peter Ward)

The solar eclipse (Peter Ward)

(Paul Wilson)

An aurora (Paul Wilson) seen from the South Gulf near New Zealand.

(Péter Feltóti)

The Andromeda Galaxy (Péter Feltóti), photographed using 200mm.

 (Dani Caxete)

The International Space Station (Dani Caxete) between the two big sunspots crossing the sun.

A storm in Florida with the Milky Way (Tianyuan Xiao)

A worn-out juniper tree in the Rocky Mountains, early in the winter the sky is full of star trails (Jake Mosher)

(Carlos F Turienzo)

Panorama of the Milky Way on the Dolomites in Tre Cime (Carlos F Turienzo)



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