While dragons may exist only in the worlds created by fantasy writers, the French Armed Forces have demonstrated that one does not need some winged fire-breathing reptile to create an impressive fiery display.

As the last season of the famous HBO TV series Game of Thrones finally becomes available to the public, it appears that the French General Staff of Armed Forces decided to mark the occasion in style – military style.

An image tweeted by the general staff’s depicts a tank firing in a snowy field, captioned “Dracarys!” – a word from the GoT which means “dragon fire”, and is used by one of the show’s protagonists to order her pet dragons to torch objects.

The tank’s muzzle flash indeed resembles a gout of flame unleashed by some gigantic mythical reptile straight out of a fairy tale.

The eighth and final season of the famous HBO series finally premiered last weekend, on 14 April.

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