French rescuer told about the last words of Princess Diana

An employee of the Paris rescue services, Xavier Gourmelon, described what happened in the first minutes after the accident with Princess Diana.

Gourmelon arrived at the scene – in the tunnel at the bridge of Alma – one of the first. According to him, after the accident, the Princess of Wales could still talk.

I held her hand, asked her to remain calm and not move. I told her that we are here to help. She answered: “My God, what happened?”
Xavier Gourmelon
employee of the Paris rescue services

According to him, the body of Princess Diana had no blood and traces of “significant” damage.

The accident occurred on August 31, 1997. The car of businessman Dodi al-Fayed, in which the princess was traveling, crashed into the wall of the tunnel at great speed, then hit the separation barrier and rolled over. Al Fayed and the driver of the car died on the spot, Diana Spencer died in the hospital two hours after the accident.

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