Katherine Jenkins just confirmed Alfie Boe called her a C-bomb: ‘I wish it wasn’t true’

Katherine Jenkins has confirmed reports that Alfie Bow called her a c**t are in fact true.

The pair appeared together in the West End production of Carousel, which went down a storm with critics and audiences alike, but backstage tensions were clearly mounting.

While promoting her new album during a signing session on Tuesday, Katherine was horrified to see a poster with the C-bomb written across her picture, before staff told her that Alfie was responsible.

According to sources, Alfie was said to be upset when Katherine was given the London Coliseum’s best dressing room, even though he was starring in Carousel’s lead role as Billy Bigelow.

Alfie has refused to comment on the incident, but during today’s Loose Women, Katherine told the panel: ‘I wish I could tell you that story isn’t true, but that did happen.

‘We were in Manchester and I’d read there was this big feud between us; I don’t know anything about a feud. I’ve got two kids and an album out – I don’t have time to be arguing with anybody.’

She added: ‘I don’t know what makes somebody do that. You’d have to ask him, really, but obviously it’s upsetting. Nobody wants to read that.’

However, if anyone thought a little C-bomb was going to bring Katherine down they were wrong.

‘I’m a big girl and I just want to talk about happier things and not let that affect this week,’ she assured.

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