Kris Jenner recording Kendall on her phone as she walked in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is all the internet can talk about

After first walking in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2016, Kendall Jenner returned to the runway event this year. And in true mumager fashion, Kris Jenner sat in the audience, cheering on her daughter throughout the entire show.

At one point during Kendall’s first segment, Kris held up her phone and appeared to be recording her daughter’s runway walk.

Twitter users immediately captured the moment, and began sharing how much they loved Kris’ show of support.

Kendall thanked her mum for supporting her on Instagram

Because the show was pre-taped in November, Kendall was able to watch the show when it aired on ABC Sunday night. The model recorded her mother’s reaction, and posted a video to her Instagram story.

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