Madonna 60 years old: 10 things you need to know about queen of pop

Madonna, the queen of pop music, is entering the age of 60.

Madonna has sold a total of 300 million copies and 10 tours since it was first put on shelves in 1983 with her own name.

At the same time she broke the Guinness World Record with the title of “best selling female singer”.

Here’s what you need to know about Madonna, who has left her 35-year career behind:


1-Actual name Madonna Louise Ciccone

Madonna was born in Bay City, Michigan, USA.

The daughter of a family of 7 children. Her real name is Madonna Louise Ciccone.

The famous singer was the leader of cheerleaders while studying at Rochester Adams High School.

Before he shook the world of music, his childhood dream was to become a ballerina.


2-Favorite song: Like A Virgin

Madonna’s first studio album “Madonna” was released for sale in 1983.

Like Like Spotify, Like A Virgin, which was released on the market in 1984, is Madonna’s most listened part so far.

Among the top 5 songs listened to most, there is Hung Up from the 2005 hit.


3-28 times nominated for the Grammy Award

She was nominated for a 28 Grammy Award for his music career and was awarded seven times in a row.

The 7th album Ray of Light, which he directed to the market in 1998, received a full rating from critics.

In the ’80s,’ 90s, ‘2000s and’ 2010s, a number of albums were settled in Number 1.


4-Super Bowl performance broke the record

In the 1980s we did not have a Google to answer questions we were curious about.

But when we look at global data held since 2010, the year Madonna searched the most in Google was in 2012.

Madonna’s March 2012 Super Bowl show is the most-watched performer until 2015.

American football league championship game Super Bowl’s most-watched performance was Madonna’s spectacular show in March 2012.

Katy Perry’s performance in 2015 was a record winner.


5-America’s richest female singer

Last year Forbes magazine announced that Madonna’s fortune was 580 million dollar.

With this number, Madonna clearly went to Celine Dion, whose fortune was 200 million dollar.

Barbara Streisend, Beyonce and Taylor Swift followed them.


6-She have 6 kid

She married twice. her marriage to the famous actor Sean Penn lasted 4 years and she got divorced in 1989.

The second marriage with director Guy Ritchie lasted 8 years. The couple announced their divorce in 2008.

4 of 6 children are adopted. Finally, in 2017, he shared with Instagram that he had adopted Malawian twins Eshter and Stella.

Her son Rocco’s godfather is famous singer Sting.


7-IQ 140

When it became clear that IQ was 140, he placed it on the list of “most geniuses”.

Height is 1.64, orange is the least favorite color.

She’s been a vegetarian since she was 15.


8-She took the Golden Globe with Evita

Madonna, who starred in 22 films, won the Best Actress Award at the Golden Globe Awards Ceremony in 1997, starring Evita

The film also competed in 5th place at the 69th Oscar Award Ceremony.


9-Kissing with Britney Spears

The most iconic moment of the 21st century was the joint performance of the queen’s young poppers Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears.

At the scene of Madonna and Britney Spears at the 2003 MTV Awards Ceremony, it is still one of the most controversial photo frames.


10-From “sex” novel to children’s books

Madonna, who has a total of 30 books, took note with her book “Sex,” which was published in 1992 and included sexual fantasies.

The children’s book “The English Roses” topped the list of American New York Times bestsellers.

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