If there are those thinking that the world already has enough Kardashians, Kim might beg to differ. The reality TV star and socialite has thrilled fans with a sneak peek of her recent ad campaign featuring her own replicas, wearing only bras, tights and glasses.

Kim Kardashian might have made her followers blink, sharing Matrix-like snaps of her and her doppelgangers on her social media. The reality TV star and Instagrammer with more than 120 million followers decided to duplicate herself to promote the upcoming pre-drop of her collaboration with an eyewear brand.

The social media diva on her own often sends social media into meltdown, prompting storms of comments and gaining millions of likes, not to mention a bunch of Kims. However, not everyone was sure that the world would survive more Kardashians.

Others used to opportunity to poke fun at the situation.

Some were sure they had seen the stunt already and hinted at plagiarism.

However, there was no shortage of admirers commenting on the shoot.

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