Meghan Markle and Prince Harry frustrated without social media handles?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are reportedly “frustrated” at not having their own social media accounts and having to “rely” on others for help.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry stopped using their Sussex Royal Instagram account after posting a message for their 11 million followers on March 30, a day ahead of their official exit as senior working members of the British royal family. After abandoning the page, the couple has to ‘rely’ on other organisations to promote their work, which has become frustrating to them according to two royal commentators, reports Daily Star.

All the work that the couple has done in the past three months amid the coronavirus lockdown, after quitting as a working royals at the end of March, has been promoted via social media pages of other charities. Not only they have to find other means to issue their statement about significant issues, but they also have to rely on others for their social media presence.

For instance, the video of the former American actress reading a story for her son Archie was shared only on Save The Children’s Instagram account. Meghan’s address to graduating classes as well as Harry’s videos and letters to his patronages were shared via other pages.

In the latest, Meghan and Harry’s interaction with the “Boys & Girls Club” in Wisconsin including an 18-year-old African-American woman Althea Bernstein who was the alleged victim of a racist hate crime, was also shared by the organisation’s CEO Michael Johnson.

Royal commentators Lizzie Robinson and Chris Ship suggest that this process has proven to be quite frustrating for the couple. Speaking on ITV’s Royal Rota podcast, Robinson said: “Their platforms are now inactive or dormant so they’re having to rely on organisations like Homeboy to put the photographs up and alert us to the work they’re actually doing.”

Meanwhile, ITV’s royal correspondent Chris Ship, added: “They must find that quite frustrating, not having their own social media channels. You’re less in control, aren’t you?”

“They were criticised for setting up their website and calling it ‘Sussex Royal’. I’m sure work is going on about setting up their own social media platforms, but, at the moment, they are without,” she added.

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