Melania Trump Fox News interview: First Lady admits she ‘doesn’t agree with husband’s tone sometimes’

First Lady Melania Trump has criticisedd her husband’s tone in an interview with Fox News – and says he doesn’t always listen to her advice.

Mrs Trump said she gives the President her “advice and honest opinion,” but that “sometimes he listens and sometimes he doesn’t.”

She said she always “stays true to herself,” despite criticism from the public or media.

The US First Lady also blasted “opportunists”, such as comedians or journalists, making jokes at the President’s expense.

She told Sean Hannity: “I do what I think is right. 

“I know I will get criticism from the public or the media, but I will do what is right and what I feel is right for the country and for the people.

“That’s why I say I want to stay true to myself and listen to myself and what to do and what is right, what is wrong and live a meaningful life every day.”

Mrs Trump spoke to the Fox host aboard the USS George H.W. Bush after visiting troops at Joint Base Langley in Hampton, Virginia. 

She also avoided confirming whether President Trump would seek a second term.

The First Lady added: “I follow what’s going on, and I give my husband advice and my honest opinion.

“And sometimes he listens and sometimes he doesn’t.

“I don’t agree with his tone sometimes and I tell him that.”

The interview came on Wednesday as Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen was jailed for three years.

The former member of the President’s inner circle admitted lying to Congress, campaign finance violations and tax evasion to a New York Court.

He must now report to Otisville Prison in upstate New York by March 6, and forfeit £1.6 million.

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