Netflix Adds A Shuffle Button For More Users

After rolling it out in Australia and other parts of the world, Netflix has expanded the reach of the new “Shuffle Play” button to more users across the globe.

The new Shuffle Play button does exactly that–it shows you a random TV shows or movie. It’s not entirely random, however, as the button will select a TV show or a movie using its algorithms to determine what the streamer thinks you’ll enjoy based on what you’ve watched before.

he option is currently only available on TV, but not mobile devices. A Netflix spokesperson told TechCrunch, which first reported the news, that the Shuffle Play button is aimed at letting users find new stuff to watch quickly.

TechCrunch also reported that Netflix has not yet decided if it will release the Shuffle Play button to more users as an official feature. Right now, the company is amassing feedback.

Netflix introduced a lot of new content in August 2020 in the US, including the original three Jurassic Park movies, 1979’s Mad Max, and the Adam Sandler movie Mr. Deeds. The video game documentary High Score premieres on August 19–and it is very good. Check out GameSpot’s video above to learn more about all the new stuff coming to Netflix this month.

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