No Time To Die: James Bond stunt double hails thrilling bike scene

A stunt rider who worked on the James Bond film has revealed some of the secrets behind the spectacular scenes.

Paul Edmondson, nicknamed “Fast Eddy”, was one of the stunt doubles for Daniel Craig in No Time To Die.

The four-time World Enduro Champion, said the success of the stunts had been a “great achievement”.

Triumph Motorcycles, based in Leicestershire, which manufactured the stunt bikes, said they had been used to “great effect”.

Mr Edmondson said part of the film had been shot in Matera, a city in southern Italy.

The film shows Daniel Craig, on a bike, making an improbably massive leap up the steep hillside to land unscathed in the market square.

“They wanted Bond to get away from the bad guys when he was chasing through the town and they came up with the idea to build a really big ramp that would allow him to get from literally the floor to the top and into the square,” said Mr Edmondson.

“It took some doing and it was a great achievement for the whole team when we did it.”

The Tiger 900 Rally Pro, which has a 12-valve, three-cylinder engine, was adapted at Triumph’s Hinckley factory to enable it to take on some of the more challenging stunts.

Miles Perkins, from Triumph, said: “It was adapted by our movie team – the people who work with the stunt teams.

“The suspension was developed a little bit more, it was made possible to go through very deep water and this is used in some of the stunt scenes later in the film.”

The factory also plays home to a Scrambler 1200 that Daniel Craig rode in the film.

Mr Perkins said: “[This was] inspired by the desert racers of the 60s.

“What they were looking for was a bike that could do some big jumps as well as look super cool.”

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