Outrage as Russian ‘Only Fans’ model shakes her booty in front of mosque

A young Russian Only Fans model, and Tik Tok personality, has been blasted online after posting a racy TikTok video outside a mosque in Kazan, the capital of the country’s predominantly Muslim Tatarstan region.

Daria Pepelyayeva angered locals by suggestively posing in skin-tight pants outside the Kul Sharif Mosque, news website KazanFirst reported.

According to the outlet, the woman took down the TikTok video after people online called her behavior “shameful” and said she should be prosecuted under the law that bans insulting people’s religious beliefs.

Apart from making TikTok videos, Pepelyayeva regularly posts racy photos of herself on Instagram and OnlyFans.

Last month, an Instagram model who posed in a thong outside the iconic Saint Isaac’s Cathedral in St. Petersburg was charged with insulting religious beliefs. This week, Russian porn star Rita Fox was sentenced to 14 days in jail for “disorderly conduct” after flashing her naked buttocks in front of the Kremlin in the Red Square in Moscow.

In October, a blogger and a model each received a 10-month jail sentence for simulating oral sex in a photo in front of Moscow’s historic Saint Basil’s Cathedral. They were convicted of insulting religious beliefs.

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