Prince Harry did not approve of his wife’s style

Meghan Markle had to correct the wardrobe.

Meghan Markle’s love for trousers has been known for a long time, but she had to correct her wardrobe to travel to Australia as part of the Commonwealth tour after Prince Harry expressed his opinion.

For the October trip, Meghan ordered several designer suits. Despite the fact that bell-bottoms and slim fit trousers, which Meghan often wears, have received a positive response from fashion critics, the royal family is not so supportive to the style of Prince Harry’s wife. They prefer modest skirts and opaque pantyhose, writes the British edition of the Daily Mail.

The husband of the newly-made duchess became interested in her style. Now he controls the selection of Meghan’s clothes for their joint trips. The Daily Mail writes that he forbade his wife to take a tuxedo from Stella McCartney to the trip. In the network this choice of the duchess is already compared with the outfits of Harry’s mother, Princess Diana. The similarity of their outfits may be one of the reasons why Harry wants his wife to change style.

Meghan, being part of the royal family, continues to dress like a Hollywood star, and the queen doesn’t like it. To the one of the events the duchess was asked to put on a hat, since the queen would also wear a hat, but Meghan did not consider this request.

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