Princess Diana speaks from beyond grave with stark Archie warning, say psychics

Princess Diana has “spoken from beyond the grave” on the eve of her crash death anniversary to send a warning to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle about Archie.

The People’s Princess has “contacted” the Psychic Twins as the world prepares to mark 22 years since she died in a horror car crash in Paris on August 31, 1997.

The twins have been channelling messages from Diana ever since her death, and have made unerringly accurate predictions from their “conversations” with her.

The psychics, Terry and Linda Jamison, had correctly predicted Meghan and Harry’s baby news just weeks before the big pregnancy announcement dropped.

And they then stunned the world by revealing to Daily Star Online Princess Diana would bizarrely appear at their Royal Wedding as a “butterfly”.

On the big day royal fans were left gobsmacked when a fly was spotted buzzing around Meghan’s face at the altar.

Now Diana has contacted the twins again. Only this time she has apparently passed on a warning for her son and daughter-in-law – about their baby, Archie.

In her “conversation” with the twins, she gushes about how thrilled she is about Archie, adding: “He is such an adorable baby, and I am such a proud nan!”.

The twins, who say they are possessed by ghosts who take control of their hands and write messages, tell Daily Star Online that Diana reckons Archie will grow up to be just like her – “a rebel”.

Diana had been a well-known troublemaker as a Princess, often ripping up the rulebook to do things her own way rather than the royal way.

And Archie’s dad Harry was no different, having been a notorious hell raiser before he settled down with Meghan.

The twins quote Diana as saying: “While he may be a bit of a rebel, as I was, Archie is a kind-hearted and talented boy, with a feisty personality and a giving nature.

“He will be very magnetic in attracting admiration on a global scale. Archie will continue the philanthropic work that I started and that his parents continued.

“I feel he is an empathic and sensitive soul, and will often side with the underdog.

“I also see (that he) has a bit of the disruptor in him, with a powerful spirit that will make him an outspoken leader…a force to be reckoned with.”

But during the twins’ “conversation” with Diana, the Princess warned about how Harry’s marriage to mixed-race Meghan could carry “cruel” ramifications for Archie.

The twins tell Daily Star Online that Diana fears Archie will be “cruelly targeted” for being “interracial”.

Diana is quoted as saying: “I am particularly worried that Archie will be cruelly targeted for being the first interracial child in the royal family line.

“It concerns me that he may be reluctant to reach out for help with his emotions, somewhat like his father Harry.

“I feel he may also be a bit moody at times, and somewhat stressed, not very much inclined to reveal his suffering to others.”

Despite her concerns, the twins say Diana reiterated her reassurance that her spirit watches over and visits Harry, Meghan and Archie.

“As I have said before, know that I am an angel on your shoulders, watching over you and visiting you all in your dreams,” the twins say Diana said.

“I sincerely hope you notice and feel my presence around you. It makes me happy to see what a loving and devoted mother Meghan is.

“I so look forward to the day that Archie is joined by a sibling that he can play with!

“Be well, my dears, and may you continue to thrive and inspire others. All my love, Diana.”

The Psychic Twins’ latest “conversation” with Diana comes days before they are due to appear on the History Channel’s new series “The UnXplained”.

The pair will be starring on the show next Friday, which is hosted by Star Trek actor William Shatner and sees him explore the facts behind the world’s most fascinating, strange and inexplicable mysteries.

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