Indian actress Priyanka took to naming the different ‘groups’ within her kinfolk. Priyanka married Nick Jonas last December and as a couple, they are together referred to as Nick-yanka.

New Delhi (Sputnik): Making it very easy for her fans to figure out who’s who in the Jonas clan, in addition to the already famous Jonas Brothers who are the ‘men in the house’, the dusky Priyanka Chopra Jonas has called the girls of the house the Jsisters, and the whole Jonas jamboree ‘The Jonai’.

The star posted a picture on Instagram of all the three Jsisters having a good time on a private jet. The post was captioned, “The #Jsisters are finally together.”

Her future sister-in-law, Sophie Turner, knelt at the forefront of the picture and had a SpongeBob jacket on, followed by a smiling Priyanka Chopra behind her and the beaming Danielle next to PeeCee — as the former Miss World is commonly known.

Some 2,144,719 people agree to the Jsisters nomenclature for the ladies in Jonas household going by the number of likes for the picture post.

Priyanka posted another image on Instagram — this time a photo from the State College Pennsylvania to which they had gone for a show of the Jonas Brothers’ new single ‘Cool’. The photo featured the Jonas men, namely hubby Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas and Joe Jonas, along with their girls: Sophie Turner, Danielle and herself.

Going by the number of likes, some two million fans have expressed their approval of #thejonai.

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