Salma Hayek Shares Nude Photo on Instagram to Celebrate 12 Million Followers

The number of Salma Hayek’s followers on Instagram recently hit the 12 million mark, and the Hollywood star celebrated this event in a very original way, by posting her photo from the acupuncture salon.

The 53-year-old Mexican-American actress shared a photo from the acupuncture salon, where she’s seen lying on a medical table, with 12 special × needles sticking out from her back.

“I’m very grateful to all of you for your love and support,” Salma Hayek wrote to celebrate the new milestone of having 12 million Instagram followers.

In less than a day, the publication gained more than 770 thousand likes; fans flooded the comment section to congratulate Hayek on her success and wished her good luck both in her career and her personal life.

This year, the ageless snake-dancing vampire from the 1996 cult picture “From Dusk Till Dawn” starred in the new Marvel film “Eternal”.

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