The Countries where people live the longest in the world

It is known that people have worked hard to find youthful potions throughout history. Although this potion is still not found, it is true that in some countries human life is much higher than the world average (71 years).

According to the 2017 World Happiness Report, in which countries do the longest-lived people live and what do they owe?


The average lifespan here is 83 years. The island of Okinawa, which is called “the land of the immortals”, has become the center of scientific research on long life. There are more than 400 people in Japan’s southern islands, over 100 years old.

The long longevity here is about keeping secret. The diet of the people of the region is abundant in tofu (a kind of cheese obtained from the fermentation of soybean water), sweet potatoes and fish.

The elderly have an active social environment and strong neighborhood associations cause the stress level to fall and the sense of belonging to develop.

The importance of language learning is emphasized in order to understand the quality of life in Japan and different cultures.


The average life span in Spain is 82.8 years. It has a share of ‘siesta’ as much as the Mediterranean diet, which consists of olive oil, vegetables and a chowder.

After lunch, shops between 2:00 and 5:00 are closed and life stops. At this time the Spaniards are thought to have siesta, but in fact their working time has been determined accordingly. According to the Spaniards, it is quite difficult to eat healthy foods in short lunch breaks. However, 2-3 hours in the mall home or go to the restaurant has the possibility to eat regularly.

People also prefer to walk or cycle to go where they want to go.


The average life expectancy in Singapore is 83.1 years. It has a health system called ‘miraculous’. Deaths due to infant mortality and pregnancy are the lowest and preventive weight is given.

Sports centers and parks are widespread in the country, and the culture of exercising here is improved. Some time ago there was even a park between the elderly to reduce stress and improve mental health. In addition, the tax on cigarettes and alcohol is much higher than in other countries.



Among Switzerland’s richest countries, the average life expectancy of men in Switzerland is 81 years. It is estimated that the consumption of cheese as well as the development of health services is an important factor in this.

Work-focused settlement comes first among foreigners. Having the best private schools in the world makes it an important attraction center for young families.

Those who want to get away from city life at the end of the week have the opportunity to organize short visits to the Alpine Mountains and other European countries.

South Korea

Surveys show South Korea is the first country with an average life span over 90 years. It is said that the role of the strong economy and advanced health services as well as the high blood pressure cases are much lower than the western countries.

South Korea is also a diet based on fermented food consumption. It is believed that it reduces the level of cholesterol, strengthens the immune system and prevents cancer. Korean cuisine is rich in fiber foods and nutritional value.

In the country, the importance of neighborhood life is given. Common spaces such as baths that bring people together are effective in reducing socialization, regeneration and stress.

Buddhism is also said to be important in the development of a culture that encourages partnership against individualism.

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