The Netflix inspired baby names that could soon be on the rise

Picking a baby name for a tiny human is a big responsibility. While some parents choose traditional family monikers passed down through generations, others are getting inspiration from Netflix binges.

Turns out lockdown could have an influence on the future names on the pre-school register with parents seeking baby namespo from their favourite TV programmes, particularly period drama favourite Bridgerton.

The baby naming experts over at Bella Baby believe the popular new show could kick-off a spike in Regency-era names, such as Cressida or Jeffrey, among newborns.

As well as highlighting some of the monikers that are already seeing some interest, the baby naming bods have also picked out some period-inspired names they expect to inspire a whole generation of parents.

Bridgerton certainly isn’t the only hit show having an impact on baby names.

We’ve already seen that Game of Thrones has provided inspiration for many parents-to-be, but baby Theons and baby Arya’s have also been joined by baby Tommys, as Peaky Blinders rivals GOT in the battle of the baby monikers.

It seems mums and dads-to-be have been naming their children after tiny gangsters, with Arthur and Alfie both climbing up the various baby naming charts. While Ada and Esme are proving popular for baby girls.

Star Wars appears to have also had an impact with many parents-to-be opting to call their girls Leia or Rey.

Kylo has also proven popular in recent years, which is perhaps a bit of a surprising choice for a cute bubba considering the character actually bumps off his own dad * spoiler alert *.

The baby naming bods over at Babycentre spotted an increase in babies called Tiger in 2020, following the popularity of Netflix’s Tiger King.

Our obsession with the character Connell from Normal People, also manifested in a rise in mini Connells. Interestingly, however, there was no increase in popularity for the name of his love interest Marianne.

Arabella, the heroine of I May Destroy You, may have inspired some parents-to-be, while there was also an increase in the number of babies with the same first name as Michaela Coel, who created, wrote, co-directed and executive produced the series.

The love for Emmy-board sweeping Schitt’s Creek also seemed to have influenced some mums and dads with lead characters David and Alexis both seeing rises on popular baby name lists.

Meanwhile Rose, the surname of the fictional family has maintained a steady hold in the popularity stakes.

But if Bridgerton is your main TV bag, here are Bella Baby’s picks for fans who might be expecting their own little duke or duchess:

Girl’s names inspired by Bridgerton:














Boy’s names inspired by Bridgerton:












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