US viral sensation gymnast Ohashi strips off for nude photo session (PHOTOS)

US gymnast Katelyn Ohashi, whose incredible Michael Jackson-inspired floor routine made her a viral sensation, has taken off her leotard to pose completely naked for ESPN’s Body Issue.

The 22-year-old will feature in the magazine’s September issue, which will be final printed edition of the Body Issue before it fully switches to digital format.

Last January, Ohashi sent the internet into meltdown with her high-powered and gravity-defying floor routine, which went viral, gaining millions of views.

The gymnast, who was competing for the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), earned a perfect 10 for her impeccable performance. It was widely recognized as one of the best floor routines ever performed at a college competition.

Ohashi fascinated gymnastics fans with her incredible ability to bounce straight back up from splits.

The magazine pictures famous athletes nude and semi-nude, strategically covering private parts. It invited Ohashi to tell her story, which was full of rises and falls.

The gymnast had been considered the brightest US junior several years ago, beating Simone Biles at the 2013 American Cup. However, a serious back injury turned her life upside-down, ending up her elite gymnastics career.

Ohashi said that she put on weight after the injury, becoming an object of constant jeers and sneers.

I was told I didn’t look like a gymnast. I was told I looked like I’d swallowed an elephant, or looked like a pig,” she said in May.

As gymnasts, our bodies are constantly being seen in these minimal clothing leotards. I felt so uncomfortable looking in the mirror,” she added.

Since becoming a viral sensation, Ohashi has constantly addressed body-shaming issues by telling her own story.

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