Vets get the needle but Ozzy the cat has lost one of his nine lives

The eight-year-old pet had been playing about on a desk while owner Nichola Williams’ was home-working.

And within minutes, the playful cat spotted a needle and thread and swallowed it!

Stunned vets found the lethal needle on an X-ray and performed emergency surgery, much to the relief of Nichola, 38.

At West Port vets in South Queensferry, vet Sam Hillier was surprised and initially disbelieving when he received the call.

“He said: “I thought it was impossible that a cat would have swallowed a needle and thread – they are normally careful about what they eat.”

Now, Nichola is being extra cautious about what she leaves lying around. “I make sure he can’t get to things – I am much more aware now,” she said.

Vet Sam said: “It is great he is on the mend and hopefully Ozzy will stick to eating cat food and mice in the future.”

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