Victoria Beckham’s new marriage rules

Their 20-year marriage has been under scrutiny in recent months, with fans commenting on their apparent lack of affection and “coldness” towards each other.

But last week, Victoria Beckham and husband David were seen putting on a loving display while on a family holiday in Miami, cuddling in the background of a photo of Romeo by a pool, and later seen cosying up together on a boat trip.

And insiders say their renewed closeness is down to new relationship rules the fashion designer has introduced, to ensure the pair spend more quality time relaxing together.

A source says, “Vic and David are both so busy, they often struggle to see enough of each other. The holiday was a perfect chance for them to unwind and enjoy each other’s company.”

“When they’re in public, they feel like all eyes are on them. On holiday, the pressure’s off and they can relax and be themselves.”

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