Vikings star Alex Høgh Andersen says his painted nipples and shaven armpits deserve an Emmy

Vikings star Alex Høgh Andersen seems pretty hopeful that his performance as Ivar The Boneless will be nominated for an Emmy. The 24-year-old did a remarkable job at playing the history saga’s villain, and has since received heaps of praise for his portrayal of coping with brittle bone disease.

So while the Emmy voting wraps on up, the young actor has put in one last plea to his fans and followers for their support.

Taking to Instagram, the star of the History Channel hit shared a picture of himself covered in fake blood and war paint.

In the caption, he joked with the show’s special effect’s crew member Tom McInerney, by teasing him: ‘That one time @puffjockey went a lil’ too far. ‘Miss you touching my face, painting my nipples, shaving my armpits. For your Emmy consideration.’

Fans were quick to comment, and told Alex how he already has their vote for the television award.

‘I am very happy for you Alex,’ one wrote before adding: ‘I truly hope your get the nomination and you win the Emmy, Im voting for you…’

‘You’re an amazing talented person and there is nobody on earth who could ever portray Ivar as f***ing AWESOME as you do.’

While another said: ‘I would vote for you a million times over! So much talent rolled into one man.’ Alex recently opened up on how he landed the role, and how he almost didn’t audition for Ivar.

He told Ud & Se: ‘I had tried three of the characters in Vikings, but was then asked to try to play Ivar, who is invalid and cannot go [anywhere].

‘They asked me to practice the lines and I sat there sweating and trying to learn a whole new scene and a whole new character.’

Alex spoke about how a lot of the other men trying out played Ivar’s pain after learning he suffered from brittle bone disease.

However, the star decided to take a ‘completely normal’ approach to the character.

He explained: ‘In the first attempt, I forgot my replies, in the second attempt I cluttered them, and in the third attempt I barely escaped.

‘The script writer got up and clapped as I left the room. I was absolutely sure it was too fun.’

While we don’t know when the final season of Vikings will drop, we can’t help but feel it will be later this year, as the History Channel teased its release is ‘soon.

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