Wayne Rooney Reportedly Claims He Was Blackmailed Over Hotel Photos With Half-Naked Girls

The images earlier posted on social media reportedly showed Britain’s record scorer getting close to three 21-year-old girls in a night club and hotel room. Rooney is said to have complained to the Greater Manchester Police, alleging he was “set up”.

Former Manchester United striker and Derby Country manager Wayne Rooney reportedly told police he was blackmailed over pictures of him asleep in a £60-a-night hotel room with three 21-year-old women, Daily Mail writes. Rooney, 35, was sleeping in a chair fully clothed, according to the footage, while two half-naked women took photos around him. This comes as a new video emerged, showing Britain’s top scorer walking two blondes to the hotel.

The football star’s representatives had reportedly made a formal complaint of blackmail to the Greater Manchester Police, while Rooney himself is believed to have been interviewed by an officer. The confusion was sparked as police earlier denied any involvement in the case, with a spokesperson for the Greater Manchester Police reportedly insisting that they were not aware the case had been reported to the police. The footballer’s lawyers, for their part, told the media the case was delayed as it is not clear whether the hotel where their client and the women were pictured falls under the jurisdiction of Greater Manchester Police or British Transport Police.

Rooney himself alleged the whole thing might have been “set up”, Daily Mail says, arguing that the snaps were taken and posted without his consent. ​Some of the photos showed Derby County manager sleeping on a chair in a hotel room, while the women posed provocatively next to him. Still, there is no suggestion that Rooney was involved in any wrongdoing.

Meanwhile, a mother of one of the girls involved in the matter raised questions as to why Rooney had a drink with her daughter despite a 14-year age gap. She said, as cited by the Daily Mail, that the “poor girls were just going out for a 21st birthday”. She also accused Rooney of sending a security guard to invite girls over to his VIP booth, adding that her daughter is actually a good girl and comes from a decent family.

“They thought they were being funny but I’ve told them it was absolutely stupid. I feel awful for them but I’m also angry because they’ve been stupid,” she concluded.

Wayne Rooney has a bad track record of landing in hot water. Back in 2019, Rooney was arrested for being drunk and disorderly at a Washington airport after landing from a flight from Saudi Arabia. Following the incident, he reportedly quit drinking alcohol in order to save his marriage with his wife, Coleen Rooney. He and Coleen have been together since they were 16. They got married in 2008, and have four sons together.

Rooney is Manchester United’s all-time leading scorer, with 253 goals and 559 appearances during his 13 years at Old Trafford.

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