What’s wrong with french kiss

This kiss is still banned in some states.

Increased levels of adrenaline, oxytocin, serotonin, dopamine – in a word, hormonal explosion. And all this as a result of one kiss, but French. This unusual and, frankly, erotic kiss is still banned in some states.

For example, in Arab countries for such a kiss you will be fined for quite a big sum. And in France itself, the 1910 prohibition still applies, according to which you cannot kiss at the train station.
At that time, because of long kisses, there was a delay in the departure of trains, so this prohibition was introduced. Legally, it continues to act now, but in fact – who will adhere to such a ban…

The emergence of the French kiss is associated with the legend that, in the Middle Ages, a noble lady, traveling in France, stopped in one of the villages. She liked the wine that was served there so much that she decided to get to know the winemaker. It turned out to be a local resident, Philippe Trois, who told the lady that the taste of wine was so delicious that the winemaker went around his vineyards every morning and kissed each bunch. At the same time, Philip offered the lady to show exactly how he does it. They say that after the “demonstration” the lady taught all her men a similar way to kiss. Thus was born the French kiss.

In fact, the kissing technique with the penetration of the tongue into the partner’s mouth is described in the Kama Sutra, a treatise that is several thousand years old. Illustrations of such kisses are found in the manuscripts of ancient Greece, India, and Egypt. Perhaps the name “French” this kiss received in our time because France is considered a country of romantics in love. It is not by chance that there is a common expression: “If you want to talk about love, speak French”.

Another name for this kiss is “the kiss of souls”. Probably, because people who have decided on the choice of a partner and are ready for further deeper relations go to this stage of kissing.

One of the American researchers of kisses, Raphael Volodarsky, together with a group of scientists at Oxford University, conducted a survey on the importance of kisses. Scientists have found that, for example, for women a kiss is one of the main ways to determine if this partner is suitable for her. Some survey participants explained that sometimes they needed only one “lingering” kiss to understand that the person they met with during the month has no chance of continuing the relationship.

What is wrong with this kiss? Psychologists do not exclude both physiological and psychological components. It is still not clear why some, even after studying the technique of kisses, do it ineptly and even repulsively, and after kissing others, the woman can not wait for the next meeting to experience the same hormonal explosion with vertigo and “flying”. Psychologists say that the same thing happens with men. After kissing some women, they are ready to throw everything at their feet, and after merging their lips with others, they avoid meetings in every possible way.

As for the physiology, doctors explain that often the French kiss allows you to feel the whole range of flavors and tastes in the partner’s mouth, and often it becomes repulsive. Variants of the reasons – from the elementary low hygiene of one of the kissing, to a complete discrepancy between the world of microorganisms of each other.

Specialists of the College of Asthma and Immunology of the United States of America conducted a biochemical study of the effects of French-style kisses. It turned out that with saliva partners transmit to each other not only a billion microbes, but also various allergens. And if one of the kissing is allergic, then the kiss can cause him skin irritation, runny nose, swelling.

The danger of “kissing disease” – so called infectious mononucleosis, an acute viral disease, which manifests itself in the form of fever, lesions of the pharynx and lymph nodes, as well as the liver and spleen. The course of the disease is accompanied by changes in the composition of the blood. This virus is rather unstable and under the influence of high temperature quickly dies. But the person who transferred it remains the carrier of this virus from several months to one and a half years. And just at the moment of a long kiss, the virus molecules freely penetrate into the partner’s organism.

But if you can quickly get rid of mononucleosis, then with other, more serious diseases, it will not work. It is about chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis. And if a partner is a carrier of HIV and there is a wound in his mouth, then infection with AIDS or a stomach ulcer, which is also caused by a bacterium, called Helicobacter, is possible. In the US, there was a case when a girl got AIDS from a guy through kisses. As the doctors established, the young man was brushing his teeth too hard, from which his gums were constantly injured and bleeding.

Researchers recommend entering into relationships only with trusted partners. A condom, of course, can save you from many ills, but during the French kiss it is useless.

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