Why Won’t You Play With Me? Charming Golden Retriever Pup Attempts to Befriend Cat

Cats and dogs have always been known to be natural enemies of sorts. On the other hand, golden retrievers are known for their exceptionally friendly disposition towards almost anyone, so this golden retriever pup can’t help taking a shot at befriending its supposed foe.

An Instagram video posted by goldengirlsailor shows a golden retriever pup’s hilarious attempt to make friends with a cat. The pooch’s tactics to buddy up with the kitty included bowing, sprawling in front of it and wiggling its tail. However, the doggy seems to know better than approach the cat too closely, probably for fear of being scratched.

The kitty, for its part, seems absolutely perplexed by the doggy’s behaviour, staring blankly at its quirky befriending ritual totally motionless. Hopefully, the two hit it off after all.

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