World’s fastest growing tree: Bamboo

Lianhua region, one of the regions where the bamboo tree, one of China’s most important income items, is cultivated.

Only in this region of China, there are bamboo trees in a area of 1 million hectares.

The cultivation of a bamboo tree is as follows: The bamboo seed is diluted for five years and the tree begins to sprout from the soil at the end of 5 years.

The bamboo sapling, which appears at the end of the 5th year, only reaches 27 meters of paint in 6 months.

China has a market share of 90 percent in world bamboo production.

The bamboo tree, which was planted as a seed in the soil and was fertilized for 5 years, grew by 90-91 cm per day, gaining the title of the world’s fastest growing plant and entered the Guniess World Records book.


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