10 facts about Charles Aznavour

The legendary chansonnier died in his house at the age of 94.

On the night of October 1, the famous French chansonnier Charles Aznavour passed away. The singer died in his home in the south of France. He was 94 years old. We have gathered a few facts about the Legend.

  1. Real name – Shahnour Vaghinag Aznavourian. His parents emigrated from Armenia in 1922 to France, where the future singer was born two years later. For convenience, he became known as Charles.
  2.  Aznavour attended school for only two years – from 9 years old he had already sang in a cafe and even managed to feed his family during the occupation of Paris by the Germans, while his father volunteered to fight at the front.
  3.  Edith Piaf became Aznavour’s “God Mother” – she noticed a duet in which Aznavour sang with Pierre Roche, and took them on tour in 1946. From this moment began a professional career of chansonnier.
  4.  In 1950, Aznavour began to sing independently. Then he finally changed his name, “losing” the ending from the name Aznavourian. His first big concert failed and critics advised him to change his profession.
  5.  Five years later, he first appeared in a movie. And as a film actor, he was taken after Truffaut’s film “Shoot the Piano Player”.
  6.  To his fortieth anniversary, the world famous chansonnier was the author of 1000 songs.
  7.  After the earthquake in Armenia in 1988, he created the Aznavour and Armenia Aid Fund, which he managed until now. And in 2008 he received the citizenship of Armenia.
  8.  In 76 years, Charles Aznavour was appointed Minister of Culture of France.
  9. Since 1977, Aznavour has lived in Switzerland, in a villa over the lake, because there are the smallest taxes. Even before Gerard Depardieu he said: “Stop singing for tax administration”, after he gave more than 70 percent of taxes.
  10.  Charles Aznavour has six children from three wives, with the last Swede Ulla Thorsell they were together for 47 years.


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