Batwoman: Lesbian comic book hero becomes television series

The lesbian comic book character Batwoman (Bat Woman) is sequenced for the television channel CW in the US.

DC Comics’ comic book characters Batwoman will be the first superhero series to be adapted from a comic book, where the lead is a homosexual.

Batwoman was originally created in the 1950s to ‘romance a relationship with Batman’ against the rumors that the male superhero Batman was homosexual.

But the character was later removed but Re-added as a homosexual woman named Kate kane in 2006 .

Batwoman (Kate Kane) has been one of DC Comics’ most popular gay characters ever since.

When introducing  as a television series, They told about character, “A well-trained lesbian street fighter who can bring urban underground criminal organizations to the end.”

But before he emerged as a hero in Gotham, They told, ‘he must solve his own problems’.

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