Beirut blast not a nuclear one: Satellite images show

The massive explosion at the Beirut port that has already killed over 130 people and left more than 5000 wounded according to latest updates was not a nuclear attack, a close study of satellite images of the site indicates.

The high resolution satellite images issued by Planet Labs on Wednesday evening make a clear assessment of the damage.

An area of 816 hectares around the point of blast was covered by the satellite image which included almost the complete area of damage.

The satellite image shows that damages caused although alarming are not to the scale of a nuclear blast.

The Beirut blast displayed all signs of a nuclear blast but for the radiations. This sparked conspiracy theories including one that claimed Israel nuked Beirut.

The blast blew through the concrete pier and completely destroyed the Warehouse 12 creating a large bowl of water in that place.

The crater was created at Warehouse 12 indicating that the Nitroprill HD bags were stored there. Other ammunition and explosives were probably kept in Warehouse 11 or Northern end of Warehouse 12 which were first to catch fire.

All the grain warehouses upto Warehouse 1 to 16 are destroyed completely with all grain burnt.

However, despite the high intensity the grain silo is still partially standing.

The damage to temporary structures has been observed upto a distance of 1300m. The Beirut International Exhibition and Leisure Center has been gutted by the blast wave.

Surprisingly, the concrete structures have not been damaged. The important buildings near the port namely the Mohammad Al Amin Mosque, St George Cathedral on the SouthWest side and buildings like Skyline and Portside remain standing despite rising higher than buildings around.

The local reports suggest two persons onboard the cruiser have died.

The satellite image clearly shows the ship fallen on its starboard side with funnel resting on the pier.

The ship was lifted by the blast wave and thrown towards Warehouse 13.

The ship was possibly stopped by the Warehouse 13 and finally burnt along with it.

The ship surprisingly is seen parked straight on the ground in 05 Aug 2020 image.

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