Biden Says China Has ‘Real Problem’ with Taliban

Biden stated he expects neighboring countries like China, Pakistan, Russia, and Iran to work out arrangements with the Taliban, RIA Novosti reproted.

“China has a real problem with the Taliban,” the US president noted on Tuesday when asked if China will fund the Taliban.

The Taliban had earlier reiterated Afghanistan’s friendly attitude toward China and its willingness to prevent any forces from using Afghan soil to threaten China. The movement also hopes to continue cooperation as part of China’s Belt and Road infrastructure project.

Russia has not made any decisions recognizing the Taliban as the official government of Afghanistan, the Kremlin had announced.

“You know that so far no decisions have been made on the recognition of the Taliban. In addition, you also know that indeed we are very carefully monitoring everything that is happening there, and most importantly, we are still trying to understand how the promises of the Taliban, their statements, will correlate with their future actions,” the Kremlin added.

On Tuesday, the Taliban unveiled their caretaker government with Mullah Mohammad Hasan Akhund, who has been under UN sanctions since 2001, at the helm.

The Taliban reportedly sent Russia, China, Turkey, Iran, Qatar and Pakistan invitations to attend the event dedicated to the announcement of the new Afghan government.

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