Jeremy Corbyn has been sent a super-sized message by campaigners who say he must resist Brexit.

A blank billboard installed in his Islington North constituency by activists on Tuesday morning was covered in spray-painted slogans demanding the Labour leader back a second referendum.

The stunt was organised by For Our Future’s Sake – a group of young Labour members who back the People’s Vote campaign – and guerrilla campaign group Led by Donkeys.

A For our Future’s Sake spokesman said: “Instead of staying silent on Brexit, young Labour members and Islington North constituents are writing what they want Jeremy Corbyn to say – that he supports the majority of his members in backing a People’s Vote.”

Messages emblazoned on the billboard near Mr Corbyn’s home include “young people support a People’s Vote”, “power to the people”, “our futures” and “Labour for People’s Vote”.

Campaigner Kira Lewis, 18, said: “Jeremy was rightly elected off of the back of the support of young people across the country, who believed in his vision of a new type of politics.

“We very nearly propelled him to Downing Street last year, believing that he would genuinely listen to our concerns.

“However, the reality is that because of Brexit, young people are gravely concerned.” 

She added: “There simply is no Brexit that doesn’t limit the life opportunities of the young – and this billboard shows Mr Corbyn that young people’s support is not unconditional.

“We believed in him because we believed he would offer us a brighter future. That isn’t possible outside of the European Union”

For our Future’s Sake and Led By Donkeys – who have been putting up billboards of politicians’ tweets in the last month – also announced that they will be collaborating together on political stunts in the future.

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