Boris Johnson ‘Trolls’ EU With Fish-Themed Tie as Brexit Deal is Reached

On Thursday, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that a long-awaited “comprehensive Canada-style deal” with the EU had finally been reached after months of negotiations and that parliament will vote on the agreement, presumably on 30 December.

London and Brussels have finally managed to find common ground, reaching a Brexit deal on Thursday. During a Christmas Eve press conference, Boris Johnson announced the successful resolution of the Brexit saga, addressing the main sticking point between his country and the bloc – the fisheries issue.

The British politician made the announcement while wearing a fish-themed tie, drawing the attention of eagle-eyed netizens.

Now, users are speculating if this was Johnson’s way of trolling the EU after concluding the last-minute deal.

The fisheries issue was one of the biggest stumbling blocks in the Brexit talks. Britain demanded that the value of the fish EU boats catch in UK waters should be curtailed by 60% – something the EU deemed as completely unacceptable, with the UK considering it an issue of sovereignty.

During the announcement, Johnson promised a “prodigious” increase in fishing catches that the UK would now be allowed to keep. According to Downing Street, under the deal 25% of the value of the catch by European fleets in UK waters will be “repatriated”.

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