Brazilian President Bolsonaru threatens to withdraw his country from WHO

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaru has threatened to withdraw his country from the World Health Organization, as Reuters reports.

“Brazil will consider withdrawing from WHO if it does not cease to be a ‘partisan political organization’, Bolsonaru told reporters in a comment on Friday.

Coronavirus mortality in Brazil on Thursday exceeded Italy. The Brazilian Ministry of Health reported that the number of people infected in the country reached more than 600 thousand people, and within 24 hours 1 thousand 437 deaths were registered. In general, more than 35 thousand Brazilians died from coronavirus.

However, Bolsonaro continues to insist on the early abolition of government isolation orders, arguing that economic costs exceed public health risks.

Meanwhile, an editorial in the newspaper Folha de S.Paulo that day stated that it had only been 100 days since Bolsonaru called the virus, “killing a Brazilian every minute,” “a little flu.”

UN warned Latin American governments about the risk of lifting quarantine restrictions until the spread of coronavirus in the region slows down.

As we reported before, the epicenter of the global pandemic of the coronavirus Covid-19 has moved to South America six months after it appeared on the other side of the world in Wuhan, China.

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