Bride of boxer Klitschko left him for the sake of a young Hollywood actor

Hollywood actress Hayden Panettiere finally broke up with ex-boxing world champion Ukrainian Wladimir Klichko. The paparazzi were able to photograph a happy actress in the company of young 28-year-old actor Brian Hickerson.

Surroundings of Hayden Panettiere confirmed that the actress finally forgot “her Ukrainian,” writes The new chosen one of Hayden does not yet have star roles, he has so far played in the movie “M.F.A.”, it is also known that he was a former realtor and was previously convicted for non-payment of a debt.

Relations Klitschko and Panettiere lasted several years since 2009, the couple even became the parents of a daughter in 2013. However, the famous Ukrainian boxer did not marry a Hollywood star, although the couple announced an engagement in 2013 and Vladimir even gave Hayden a luxurious ring.

Klitschko met Hayden in Los Angeles, their relationship was complicated by the fact that the boxer lived in Germany, and the actress lived in the United States. In 2013, when the wedding was scheduled for Independence Day of Ukraine on August 24, it turned out that the bride was pregnant. Hayden refused the ceremony, because she “did not want to look fat on wedding photos,” but then in the Klitschko’s homeland began Euromaidan, and the boxer said that the wedding will happen only after his victory. The couple’s daughter was born on January 9, 2014.

After the birth of the child, the family life did not come out well, and after a while the star parents remained for each other only friends.

Panettiere is nominated for the Golden Globe Award for her role in the “Nashville” TV series.

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