British PM says he will receive jab soon and it will be AstraZeneca

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson has revealed he will have his vaccine soon, insisting it will be the AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine despite the ongoing concerns around blood clots.

Speaking to lawmakers during the weekly session of prime minister’s questions in the British Parliament, Johnson was asked about several countries suspending their roll-out of the vaccine over the blood-clot concerns.

Rather than address the suspension by countries including Germany and Portugal, he said: “Perhaps the best thing I can say about the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine programme is that I finally got news I will have my own vaccine very shortly, I’m pleased to discover.

“It will certainly be Oxford/AstraZeneca that I will be having.”

Johnson’s point prompted questions from journalists as Britons are not allowed to choose which vaccines they have.

Vaccine advisory body, the JCVI, says: “JCVI does not advise a preference for either vaccine in any specific population. For operational and programmatic reasons … one vaccine may be offered in certain settings in preference over another vaccine.”

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