China authorizes marketing of more Covid-19 vaccines

Beijing, Mar 1  China concluded the registration of four Covid-19 vaccines in February that were approved to enter the market officially, but at the same time it reinforced its fight against those who counterfeit and trade those vaccines.
The vaccines made by CanSino Biologics and Sinopharm were the last to be endorsed by the National Medical Products Administration for commercialization under certain conditions.

Previously, only Sinovac’s CoronaVac vaccine and Sinopharm CNBG had been certified, which implies a strict supervision of the quality and safety of the medicines from the manufacture to the administration of each dose.

CanSino’s vaccine is called recombinant Ad5-nCoV, it is the result of a project with the Chinese Army and its single dose is effective for all people aged six years and older. The company plans to produce 500 million doses annually.

Meanwhile, Sinopharm’s vaccine was developed by a subsidiary established in Wuhan, it requires two doses, like most of the vaccines developed in the world, and the manufacturer will produce 100 million doses every year.

Amid the global race for Covid-19 vaccines, China has developed 16 vaccine candidates with several technologies and has administered the four that have been approved to more than 40 million citizens, as part of an emergency program that started in July.

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