China to buy Russian S-400 sanctions came from the US: Beijing and Moscow reacted

The United States (USA) has decided to impose sanctions on S-400 air defense systems and warplanes get from Russia. The response from Moscow and Beijing was quick.

The US Department of State said in a statement that the Chinese army will immediately impose sanctions against the Hardware Development Office and its head, Li Shangfu, responsible for weapons and equipment.

The statement also stated that sanctions are related to 10 Sukhoi Su-35 type fighter jets purchased in 2017 and S-400 missiles purchased in 2018.

In the framework of the decision, the official agency and its president were banned from doing business in the United States and participating in the country’s financial system. These companies and companies were prevented from doing business with American companies.

Hard reaction from Russia and China: Washington is playing with fire

The U.S., China’s decision to sanction, Moscow and Beijing reacted harshly.

Russian Deputy foreign Minister Serguei Riabkov said the United States threatens the world’s stability and says Washington is “playing with fire”.

“They’d better think of a concept like the stability of the world they’re disbanish,” Riaskov said. It’s stupid to play with fire because it can be dangerous, “he said.

Anti-Russian measures in the United States now become a national means of pleasure, said Riabkov, the United States since 2011 60 times in the country has decided to sanction and that they did not bring any results, he argued.

China, in a statement, reported that the United States meets the decision with great anger.

China’s Foreign ministry spokesman, Geng Shuang, urged the United States to withdraw sanctions, and otherwise Washington should endure the consequences.

“I hope other countries think twice “

American officials hope that the applications agreed against China will be a message to other countries who are considering buying weapons from Russia. “We hope that this step shows our seriousness, and other countries will think twice about their commitments to Russia’s defence and intelligence,” he said.

Turkey’s S-400 missiles received from Russia will not be subjected to similar sanctions, while discussing, US Defence Secretary James Mattis voiced concern about Turkey’s acquisition of S-400 missile defence system from Russia.

Washington’s sanctions against Moscow first began with the Crimea’s annexed by Russia, and in 2016 the U.S. elections were further increased with allegations of Russian internet hijackers involvement.

The United States is able to make sanctions decisions against the countries it considers to be against itself by a law that it accepts 2017.


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