Cinema footage on which Marilyn Monroe first dance herself  is found

The episode was going to be a part of the movie “The Misfits,” but was cut out and for a long time was considered lost.

Script writer Charles Casillo, the author of the yet unpublished biography of the singer and actress Marilyn Monroe, figured out the fate of a scene with a nude artist lost 57 years ago, the Daily Mail reports.

The episode was filmed for the film “The Misfits” in 1961, but director John Houston refused to include it in the picture during the montage. It was believed that the film was destroyed. Casillo interviewed Curtis Taylor, the son of the producer of the film Frank Taylor (“Mystery Street”). He said that his father considered the cadres valuable and saved them:

Usually unused frames are destroyed. But Frank Taylor believed that they were very important and out of the ordinary, so he saved them.

After the death of the producer in 1999, his son put the film in the safe. The episode lasts 45 seconds. In the frame, Marilyn Monroe and actor Clark Gable play the bedroom scene, and the man is fully dressed, and the woman throws off the sheet and remains . This was the first time that Monroe was completely undressed in the movie.

“The Misfits” is the last completed film with the participation of Monroe, who died in 1962 at the age of 36. Until now, it was believed that the only nude scene of the actress was an episode of an unfinished movie “Something’s Got to Give”.

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