Cuba calls back 11 thousand doctors in Brazil due to ‘degrading’ comment

The Cuban public Health Ministry announced that it will be coming out of the ongoing “Doctor’s program” in Brazil and that the 11 thousand Cuban physicians in the country would be called back.

In a statement from the ministry, Brazil’s presidential elections in October, the extreme right-wing Jair Bolsonaro “threatening and degrading ” Statements after the decision to call Cuban doctors reported that they received.

In the statement, the ongoing “Doctor Program” in Brazil, and 11 thousand Cuban doctors in the country will be recalled. Jair Bolsonaro, after winning the elections, said that by questioning the education of Cuban doctors in the country, their diplomas would be re-evaluated and they would bring new conditions.

The Cuban public health Ministry has been looking at approximately 113.5 million patients in Cuban doctors under the programme for 5 years.

Under the leadership of the Pan American Health Organization, the Brazilian Health Ministry and the Cuban Ministry of Public Health, as part of the programme launched in 2013, was decided to place 15,000 doctors from other countries for the lack of doctors in Brazil.

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