Denmark will reopen to most of Europe except Portugal, much of Sweden

Denmark said Thursday it would allow entry to citizens from most European nations with a low number of coronavirus infections from June 27. The date comes two months earlier than originally planned.

EU member states, non-EU countries in the Schengen area, as well as Britain, will be individually assessed, the foreign ministry said, adding that a country was being classified as “open” for travel links with Denmark if it had fewer than 20 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants per week.

Justice minister Nick Haekkerup said that Portugal and Sweden will not be allowed unrestricted entry yet. Sweden as a whole would not qualify, but some regions in its south, which have seen far fewer infections than in the capital region of Stockholm, will be permitted to enter Denmark.

Earlier, as countries started carefully reopening the borders towards one another, news that Norway and Denmark plan to exclude Sweden sparked outcry, with foreign minister Ann Linde calling the decision “political” and discriminatory.

Sweden this week said it will lift its advice against non-essential travel to Greece, Croatia, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia, France, Iceland, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

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