F-15 intervened in the hijacked plane in Seattle!

The Horizon Air Q400 regional plane, unauthorized and abducted by an aircraft carrier, fell on Ketron Island after being followed by military aircraft.

Pierce County Sheriff said that the incident was not a terrorist incident, that the flight attendant did not receive official flight training, and that the flight attendant was an officer in charge of the plane. In the explanations, it was noted that the flight was followed by two F-15 warplanes, but no information was available on the flight. It is stated that the airport is starting to provide normal service.

The plane was warned by the air traffic control center after departure from Seattle Tacoma Airport with a double-engine turboprop regional passenger plane owned by Horizon Airlines in the parking position without permission. The nearest airbase was informed and a departure order was issued for the F-15s that were kept waiting. The pilot, who said they knew who the authorities were, fell down near Ketron Island as he continued to fly.

An investigation was initiated with the pilot who missed the plane and the incident. Pierce County Sheriff, FBI said the talks with the local government are ongoing, and it is early to give details of the incident.

Alaska Airlines, an owner of the plane, said in a statement that the 76-passenger Horizon Air Q400 was aware of the plane being removed without permission.

It was reflected in video footage of a plane falling on Ketron Island, maneuvering in the air before the accident and followed by military aircraft.


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