Fascinating photos of the Boeing 747 celebrating the 50th year

The giant fly, called the Queen of the Sky, was first used in the year 1968. Now it’s been over 50 years.

The first Boeing 747 was floating in the air on September 1968. After this date, more than 1,500 produced B747, has a beautiful story.

The era’s favorite airline, Pan American, lifts every plane full of seats, making queues at the airport. Pan Am has arranged a meeting with the airline company Boeing. In this meeting, the number of passengers that they had at one time was insufficient, they could carry a lot more passengers at one time and they wanted a plane that could take a lot more distance. On top of that, Boeing began building the 747 model.

So much so that Boeing was financially nearly exhausted at this time. He still agreed to Pan Am’s plane request. He bought 25 planes of the first 100 series directly from Pan Am, 550 million dollars and brought Boeing back to life.

Other airline companies who saw the plane as unnecessary and didn’t want to use it had to switch to the Boeing 747, thanks to Pan Am’s advertising and the saving of the plane. There are 500 of those currently being used by B747, who have printed the name of the 20th century and who live in the golden times at that time.

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