Finnish Female Supervisors Suspected of Having Sex With 17yo Migrants

According to former employees, fired in a cost-cutting effort, the bosses of a local reception centre in rural Finland were fully aware of the suspicions of teenage migrants being exploited by their superiors, but failed to act on them.

Suspicions had been raised of several female supervisors from Ruthsgården, a refugee accommodation in Oravais, having sex with asylum seekers aged 16-17, the local newspaper Vasabladet reported.

By its own admission, the newspaper is privy to a reconsideration request from one of the former staff members who had been fired from the reception centre due to austerity measures. The request claims that both the director and deputy director knew of the suspicions but failed to act on them.

“This is something that cannot be swept under the rug. Should there even be the slightest suspicion of sexual relations or irregularities, they are always investigated”, the request read, according to the newspaper.

“The bosses knew”, one of the sacked staff members told Vasabladet.

The newspaper pointed out that a supervisor is in a position of power over the asylum seekers and wondered why the bosses who allegedly knew of the suspected sexual relations were allowed to keep their jobs.

However, the police in Ostrobothnia region are yet to receive a report regarding the suspicions. According to the police, though, the threshold for initiating an investigation into the suspected sexual exploitation of children is very low.

Oravais is a majority Swedish-speaking town of over 2,000 inhabitants in Ostrobothnia region. About 10 percent of its population are asylum seekers living in the reception centre founded in 1991.

Suspicions of reception centre personnel exploiting asylum seekers have been previously raised in Finland’s neighbours Sweden and Norway.

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