France speaks of this photo: Macron poses with naked young people who make hand movements

The youngest president of the history of France, Emmanuel Macron, has fused the local public to visit the island of Saint Martin in the Caribbean hurricane. The photo of the naked young people who made the ancal hand movement with Macron took a big debate in France.

Macron, who went to the site to supervise the reconstruction work in Saint Martin last year, which was destroyed by the Hurricanes and Marrains, touted the island for 5 hours despite the heavy rain, chatting with the hurricane he visited at workplaces and homes He gave me intimate poses.

In one of the houses where the reconstruction or repair has not yet been completed, the President of France, bandana, had a thick chain on their necks and two young naked boys greeted. Macron didn’t seem surprised when one of the teenagers said he was in prison for a robbery and just got out. He advised him to leave behind his criminal history and to be in the construction of the new island.

Then the President of France was wrapped around two young men and photographed, saying he was a robber, the middle finger against the cameras. Since Macron was followed by a journalist’s army, this pose quickly spread from social media to the French mainland and the whole world.

In the second round of presidential elections in Macron, the extreme right-wing leader Marine Le Pen, sharing the photo, ‘ ‘ We are not enough words to describe the anger we live. France certainly doesn’t deserve it. It’s not forgivable, ‘ ‘ commented.

Twitter users often saw Macron humiliate France and embarrass the public.

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