France’s EDF offers to build nuclear reactors in coal-dependant Poland

French energy giant EDF has proposed to build up to six nuclear reactors in Poland, which is looking for a foreign partner to develop its nuclear sector to move its coal-based energy sector towards carbon neutrality.

EDF said Wednesday that it has submitted an offer to build four to six third generation EPR reactors at two or three sites, which would produce up to 60 percent of Poland’s current electricity demand.

Poland, which depends on coal for about 70 per cent of its electricity production, has promised to shut its coal mines by 2049, in line with European Union carbon neutrality goals.

The reactors would provide electricity for at least 60 years, and the company said its offer is “in support of Poland’s ambitious energy transition plan”.

Poland says it will choose a foreign partner by 2022 to develop its nuclear sector, and French and South Korean companies are in the running.

Several Polish companies and business leaders have also expressed interest in small modular reactor (SMR) technology that French President Emmanuel Macron this week said would be part of his 2030 investment plan to reindustrialize France.

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