German nurse accused of killing 100 patients is facing a judge

A former nurse who is accused of killing 100 patients in Germany is now on trial in the northern city of Oldenburg.

The 41-year-old nurse, Niels Högel, is accused of overdosing on two patients in her hospital.

It is claimed that Högel committed the murders to impress his colleagues. It is stated that the nurse tries to save his patients who injected drugs that cause heart failure and circulatory problems.

Högel was previously found guilty of killing some of his patients and was sentenced to life in prison.

The new hearing, which is expected to continue until May, is done after the opening of some patients’ graves for toxicology tests.

It is claimed that Högel killed 64 patients in Oldenburg and 36 in Delmenhorst between 1995-2005.

BBC Berlin correspondent Jenny Hill, the death of the relatives of the German health authorities, accusing him of doing nothing to prevent the murder.

If Högel is found guilty of all the deaths, it is stated that Germany will go down in history as one of the biggest serial killers in the post-war period.

German prosecutors say that Högel may have killed other patients and burned them.

The hearing is expected to follow the relatives of the deceased patients.

Högel was arrested in 2005 when he secretly injected a patient in Delmenhorst. The nurse was sentenced to seven years in prison for attempted murder.

In 2014, Högel, convicted of trying to kill two others and found guilty of attempting to kill both patients, confessed to killing 30 patients in the same way during the trial.

The investigation was deepened. The graves of 130 patients were opened and tests were carried out on the bodies.

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