Gorbachev: Trump’s plan makes it difficult to free nuclear weapons

Former leader of the Soviet Union of Socialist Republics Mikhail Gorbachev criticised US President Donald Trump’s plan to withdraw from the Treaty, which was signed during the Cold War and prohibiting medium-range nuclear missiles.

Gorbachev said that this step would harm the world’s goal of decontamination of nuclear weapons.

Gorbachev, who signed the agreement with US President Ronald Reagan in 1987, was the last leader of the USSR.

The agreement, especially developed in the 1980s as a response to the worldwide concern of increased nuclear war, had a range between 500 and 5 thousand 500 kilometers and was banned by rockets carrying nuclear warheads.

Trump’s plan to withdraw from the mid-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (FBiH) was also criticised by Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Riyabkov. Riyabkov said it would be a “very dangerous step”.

Russia, as well as the US ally, Germany, against Trump’s plan. German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said that Washinton should assess the impact this step will have on European and future disarmament initiatives.


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