Hot contact between Russian and Ukrainian warships

Russian warships have reportedly intervened in Ukrainian warships, allegedly violating Russian territorial waters in the Azov Sea on the Crimea.

Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) in a statement, the local time and the morning of 07.00 in the waters of the Ukrainian naval forces in Russia’s territorial waters of the Russian land was said to be unauthorized entry.

The ship is subject to the application of permission to the Kerch Strait, the recorded statement, the Ukrainian vessels in the Russian waters, the dangerous manoeuvres and border safety warnings were defended to ignore.

Russian border security services have taken all measures in the Black Sea, Azov and Kerch Strait, the statement said. In the FSB description, the Ukrainian ships in the Russian territorial waters continued provocation for 5 hours, stating that “The purpose of the Ukrainian vessels is to create a conflicting situation in the region. ” was used.

In the statement made by the Ukrainian Navy, the two armored warships belonging to the Ukrainian army and the trailer ship from Odessa wanted to go to the port of Mariupol in the Sea of Azov said.

Emphasizing that the information required for the safe passage of ships to Mariupol was given in accordance with international sea rules, four Russian ships were attacked against the Ukrainian ships.

“The Russian warship, Don, spurred the Ukrainian army’s trailer ship. As a result, the ship’s main engine, exterior surface and lifeboat were damaged.” expressions used.

“The ships of the Ukrainian fleet continue to perform their duties in accordance with all the norms of international law. All illegal actions are recorded by the Ukrainian Navy Command and transferred to the competent international bodies,” Russia said in a statement. statements were given.

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